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Welcome to High Country Blueticks

At High Country Blueticks, we take great pride in providing the absolute best Cameron Bluetick hounds. Our hounds are old fashioned, long eared, extreme cold nose, high endurance and possess incredible tracking and treeing abilities. These hounds specialize in big game such as mountain lions, bobcats and bears.

About Bret Westphal

Bret Westphal has been a resident of Montana for 33 years.  Living in the Rocky Mountains of North West Montana, he developed a love for hunting and the outdoors early in life.  That love of hunting quickly turned in to an extreme passion for Cameron Bluetick hound hunting and training. Bret views his dogs as a part of his family and not just a working tool.  When it comes to hunting and the outdoors, the only passion Bret has stronger than the hunt, is the care and safety of his dogs. Bret provides clean kennels and insulated dog houses to all dogs in his care.  

All About Blueticks

If you are on our site, there is a great chance you are interested in Cameron Blueticks because of their unmatched abilities and skills to hunt in a specific type of hunt.  Cameron Blueticks are known by houndsmen as a very intelligent breed with an extreme cold nose and uncanny ability for problem solving. Cameron Blueticks are very loyal to their owners and once trained properly, will be an incredible hunting companion. What many do not know about Cameron Bluetick hounds is their behavior away from the hunt.  Please give us a call if you would like more information on our Cameron Bluetick hounds.  Thank you again for stopping by High Country Blueticks.